4 Most Common Denture Problems

Many people have dentures. They are a common because of the many conditions that can impact healthy adult teeth and often the only solution is to remove teeth and use dentures as a replacement for the teeth. Common causes of tooth loss include infections and severe cavities.

Dentures are a solution to many severe teeth problems, but dentures themselves can also be problematic. Here are some common problems with dentures you need to be aware of.

Poor Fit

One of the common problems with dentures is a poor fit in the mouth. If the dentures are too tight, mouth pain can occur. If the dentures rub against the gums, then there can be soreness as well as swelling issues. Over time the gums and jaw line can change and this too can lead to a poor fit for the dentures. If a person has poor fitting dentures, this can be fixed with a trip to the dentist. Common techniques used to fix poor fitting dentures include relining, recasting, and mini implants.

Poor Hygiene

Another problem with dentures is that they need to be cleaned often just like regular teeth do. Tarter and plaque can build up on dentures just like to can on normal teeth. Proper oral hygiene must be maintained even if you happen to have dentures. Dentures should be cleaned and brushed each day with brush specifically designed for the dentures. They can also be soaked in denture solution overnight which will clean them. When not wearing them, they should be stored in a safe location. Dentures are easily broken so take care when they are not in your mouth. Clean your mouth and massage your gums before you put dentures in place. If you use proper hygiene, you won’t have many problems with your dentures.

Use Adhesive

If your dentures give you problems and move around, you should use proper denture adhesive. This keeps them in place and they feel more secure. The adhesive will only work for dentures that are already fitted properly. The adhesive won’t make poorly fitting dentures any better. Be sure you read the instructions with the adhesive and just use a small bit of it.


In some cases you can get mouth infections with dentures. One infections called Cheilitis, causes inflammation and cracking at the corners of your mouth. Yeast overgrowth causes this condition as yeast will accumulate if the dentures aren’t fitted properly. Another infection is called Stomatitis which is a yeast related as well. Small red bumps at the roof of the mouth is sign you have this condition. Medication and proper care of the dentures will correct these mouth infections. If you take care of your mouth and use proper hygiene these problems shouldn’t occur. See your dentist if you have any problems with poor fitting dentures.

These are some common denture problems. If you experience any problems with dentures be sure to discuss them with your oral care professional. Denture problems can be easily corrected, so don’t wait until the problem is severe get it looked at right away.