Permanent Dentures – Good or Bad?

In this article I will talk about permanent dentures. This subject is very often missunderstood and there are many myths around it. Let’s bust them now!

  1. Only old people are using permanent dentures – this is not the truth. People in any age can be in need for a permanent dentures. In fact, you may need them for yourself if your oral condition is very bad or you’ve had an injury. Nevertheless, it’s true that more and more people start to using dental implants over dentures.
  2. Dentures cost more than dental implants – this is not the truth, again. While even cheap dentures cost a lot, a tooth implants are atleast 5x more than that.
  3. Getting permanent dentures is fast and easy – this one is true, atleast compared to dental implants long procedure. When you visit your dentist for the first time he will check out your oral tissues standing. On the next visit you will have your permanent dentures prototypes. On your third visit you will most likely receive your dentures. Later visits are only for adjustments and small fixes.
  4. Permanent dentures need to be checked every year. Thi is true. The name “permanent” may be confusing here – dentures are permanent only if you take care of them properly. You may also require a new dentures after 5-10 years of using.
  5. You should remove your dentures at night. This is true. If you don’t do that your oral tissues will not reset properly. You should also clean your dentures in cold water, you can use a tooth paste if you want.

I hope you find this information useful!

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