Denture Repair – What You Need To Know?

If your denture breaks you are in trouble! You can’t speak and eat properly so it’s very important to repair your denture as fast as possible.

1. Search for denture repair services. There aren’t many of these, but they are available.

2. Perform a temporary DIY denture repair. You will need a crazy glue for this. Simply place a small dot on each side and hold for 120 seconds. Put denture back into your mouth and you’re done.

For dentures with a broken body you will need to place more glue, but don’t overdo it – a thin line will be more than enough. Do not put dentures into your mouth in this case, instead, set it down between something heavy (big books will be a good choice)

3. Denture repairs kit. These are available in your local drugstores or you can buy one in the internet.

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